Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is the most common sexually transmitted disease in America. This is because it is possible to transmit genital Herpes not only through sexual intercourse, but also through general skin-to-skin contact. A person infected with the HSV-2 strain of Herpes, more commonly known as genital Herpes, typically transmits the disease when they are having an outbreak. While there is no cure for genital Herpes, it is possible to treat and prevent future outbreaks with safe, all-natural supplements such as Viralprin. For more details regarding the ingredients and effectiveness of Viralprin, please visit

A genital Herpes outbreak is when the infected person experiences visible skin lesions typical located around the penis or vagina or even around the anus. A genital Herpes outbreak typically causes mild pain such as itching and skin irritation. During an outbreak, the infected person is extremely contagious. This is why it is necessary to avoid all sexual contact during an outbreak. While safe sex precautions such as wearing a condom have proven effective in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, there is not a safe sex precaution that is 100% effective other than abstinence. This is because, as previous stated, any skin-to-skin contact has the potential of transmitting the disease. Condoms simply do not cover the entirety of the sin including the base of the penis and the scrotum. It should also be noted that a genital Herpes outbreak has the risk of causing blindness if the fluid from an outbreak comes into contact with the eyes.

If you have been infected with genital Herpes, there are many steps you should take to live a normal and healthy life. To begin, remember that you are not alone. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, there are over 45 million citizens, ages 12 and older that have genital Herpes. After receiving your diagnosis, it is time to start living a healthier lifestyle. This is because the healthier you are, the better your immune system will be. Your immune system is the first line of defense against an illness including genital Herpes. If you do have genital Herpes, you should also consider taking Viralprin. Viralprin is completely safe and has been shown to help reduce the potential of future outbreaks.


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